Good Monday afternoon everybody, Ken with Glockner and Ashland. We had a meeting this morning about Glockner Jeep Jam. Had some very exciting ideas that came out and I'm 100% on board with. So let's get started.
First one is going to be, this year for 2020 it is Glockner Jeep and Ram Jam. We had people reach out, the head of Ram trucks, ask if they could come. Last year we kind of didn't know how that would work out, so this year we're going to give it a shot, Glockner Jeep and Ram Jam 2020.
Second piece of information is pricing. Last year it was $10 if you got your ticket before, a little bit more if you got it at the gate. This year we're going to do a flat $10 across the board for everybody. Hopefully that helps all the groups that bring in a bunch of people from out of town. We had a couple of different clubs come down. We really appreciated that last year.
Vendors will need to be there no later than 3:00 to set up. May 16th, 5:00 to 10:00, $10 entry fee, Glockner Jeep and Ram Jam. If you guys have pictures or anything from last year's or videos, please send those to me on Facebook or you can call or text me at (606) 744-3559. We would love to use some of your stuff in the promotional flyers and also videos. If you have any questions, you can call that number as well. I will try to answer them as best to my ability.
So there'll be more videos coming out, but I wanted to make sure and get some of the updated stuff out, which I think is pretty cool. So Glockner Jeep and Ram Jam, $10 entry fee, off road course mud pit. I mean, it's a great time. We had a blast last year. So have a great day. If you have questions, shoot me a message.
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