Hey guys, Kenny with Glockner of Ashland. I'm wanting to take a brief moment to let you know, we just took in an amazing trade. They're going to take it across the street to stock it in. So, before they'd done that, I wanted to make sure and let you guys look at it. This car has like 207 miles on it. So give me 30 seconds of your time here, and I'll let you take a look. 
All right guys, so here it is, it is a Dodge Charger in beef eye blue, this is a V6 model. However, if you look, you will see this car is absolutely beautiful, immaculate. It is a GT.
But, like I said, 207 miles on it. A GT, this car is absolutely amazing. Be the first to take a VIP test drive, or schedule an appointment, excuse me, on it at 606-744-3559. Of course I said enough, and you guys already know, that is my cell phone number. Give me a call, let me help you get into this beautiful ride today.
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