Has the time come to sell your vehicle? If you've dabbled around with trying to sell it yourself, only to find a disappointing result, there is a better way! The Glockner Family of Dealerships offers an honest and simple way for you to sell your vehicle to us. Here are some of the main benefits you'll enjoy when you sell your car to our dealership. We're honored to help you with the process (and you'll be much happier as a result). 

Private Selling Is An Uphill Battle

There are several drawbacks if you decide to try selling your car independently. First, the process takes time as you'll have to spend money marketing the vehicle to potential buyers. Unfortunately, many "interested" buyers often are non-responsive to the phone calls or don't show up to look at your car. Also, most people buying will want the vehicle to be detailed inside and out or not need any significant repairs.  You'll also need to think about dealing with all the necessary paperwork, such as title transfer. 

Most people who plan to sell would agree that they want the process to be straightforward and simple. You can spend weeks or even months at a time trying to do it alone. It will seem like a never-ending cycle that fails more times than it succeeds. 

Why Sell To Glockner Family of Dealerships? 

  • We value a no-hassle experience. We provide an easy way to sell your vehicle, utilizing a Kelley Blue Book instant offer.  This offer depends on current market conditions, along with the year, make/model, mileage, and current condition of the vehicle. You can then apply the value of the car as cash or towards your trade-in. Compare this to the endless negotiations that are often part of private selling and your experience is guaranteed to be far less stressful.
  • Protect yourself from scams.  It's fair to say there's a level of suspicion if you sell your car to a stranger. Scammers utilize every method under the sun, whether it's false payments, offering to purchase the vehicle without seeing it, or attempting to get your personal information. The list goes on!
  • Save yourself time and money. All you need to do to sell us your vehicle is show up with your vehicle and the necessary documents. Even if you have a current loan on the car, our finance professionals can help. Get in and out, then on with your day. Are you aware that trading in a vehicle can also reduce your tax obligation? You'll only owe the difference between the value of your trade and the new one you want.
  • Get a fair offer every time. Most often, if you try to sell to a stranger, they aren't going to complete their due diligence and research to give you a fair offer. They'll just try to get the car at the cheapest rate possible. Our professionals have the knowledge and proper tools available to give you an honest valuation that far exceeds what you would get for yourself.
  • Build a relationship for life. When you're selling your car, chances are that you need another one. Selling or trading your vehicle to a dealer can help establish a long-term, trusting relationship for all your automotive needs. There's an excellent chance that you'll need to buy or sell a car in the future. Why not establish that service with someone you can put your faith in?

Selling Your Vehicle To A Dealership Is The Intelligent Choice

At the Glockner Family of Dealerships, we value what's important to customers. The sheer aspect of saving time and money would be enough for most people who sell to a dealer. However, we truly believe our team goes above and beyond for every customer we serve. Our staff is committed to customer satisfaction from the time you walk through our doors until they leave. When you factor in all the other advantages along with this commitment, you'll see why it's a win every time.

If you need to sell your vehicle quickly, without all the hassle, contact us today! We'll put to sleep the difficult way of saying "goodbye" to a car you don't want anymore. Get an instant cash offer or give us a call for more information! Our sales department operates six days a week, including Saturdays. 


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