"Without excuse or apology, we will be the benchmark that others aspire to match.  We achieve our goals by exceeding the expectations of those we serve."


Since our founding in 1847, the Glockner Family of Dealerships has striven to be the best in the business when it comes to serving the needs of the Portsmouth community. This is evident in our vision statement.

Our core purpose is to meet our own expectations and to exceed our customers' expectations in providing their wants, needs and delivering quality and lasting solutions. We don't want to meet industry standards - we want to perform above and beyond them, making us the preferred automotive company in terms of sales and as employers.

At the Glockner Family of Dealerships, we consistently deliver products and services that improve the lives of our customers and the community here in the Portsmouth area. The Glockner Family Foundation was established to improve the lives of the people in our area. We're also a quality employer. We seek to attract and retain quality employees and provide them with the best tools, processes, training and an environment in which they can be productive. We foster and share strong values with our leadership based on the perpetuated faith and example of our founders. We maintain our entrepreneurial spirit and attitude of stewardship even as we continue to grow in size. Our employees know that senior management works for them; not the other way around. Our people share in the success of Glockner Enterprises and are enthusiastic about, loyal to and most importantly, proud of this company.

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