If you're thinking of taking the traditional route when financing your car purchase, here's what could happen. You go to a dealer and pick the car of your dreams. Then you go to your bank or credit union to try and get a loan. After filling out all kinds of paperwork, you wait a few days and the lender rejects your application. They make their money lending other people money and your credit just isn't good enough.

That would not happen at the Buy Here Pay Here Glockner Family of Dealerships.

What Is a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership?

A Buy Here Pay Here dealership is one where every aspect of car ownership is taken care of for you in one location. You can browse a large inventory, go on test drives, choose a car, and get it serviced like a traditional car dealership. But you can also get financing with several options just like with a traditional lender such as a bank or credit union. You deal with just one company from start to finish.

What Are the Benefits?

At the Glockner Family of Dealerships, we're in the business of getting you to drive away in a vehicle. This not only makes you an owner, but it also clears our inventory for new stock. It also turns you into a customer for life because you'll hopefully return to our Service Department for maintenance and repair, and buy your next vehicle from us.

This is what the car business is about. It's not about making you jump through plenty of hoops when applying, investigating your credit, and developing hard-to-meet loan terms, which is what traditional loan companies are all about.

Our approach to car buying makes your experience enjoyable and fear-free. You don't have to worry about not getting approved for a loan because of your credit history. We will work with you whether your credit is non-existent, poor, or stellar. We don't care about the bankruptcies, lack of credit, or other financial disadvantages that you've suffered in the past. Our loan process is based on your ability to pay today.

Neither are we going to charge you the state maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 25% as some of our competitors do. We offer fair rates that are competitive in Ohio, Kentucky, or West Virginia.

How We Make Your Loan Easy

We make your loan application as easy as possible because our ultimate goal is 100% credit approval. We recommend that you get pre-approved before you shop.

Our first step is our convenient online Car Loan Calculator. By filling in such information as the price, down payment, APR, and term in months, you can determine your estimated monthly payment in advance.

What's more, by adjusting any of the numbers you put in, you can come up with a monthly installment that works with your budget. For example, if the payment is too high, you can lower it by increasing the down payment or lengthening the loan term.

Once you've figured out your payment, you're ready to apply for a loan. Fill out our online Auto CreditApplication, which is barely a page long. If you have questions or need more information about what to put in, contact us by phone or use the chatbox on the website.

We will approve your loan as quickly as we can. Because you now know what you can afford, you have an advantage when shopping for a vehicle. You can narrow your search to only those cars that fall within your price range. You may be able to get a higher trim level than you thought or afford more accessories.

How We Keep It Safe

If you want to come down to any of our dealerships, we adhere to all CDC guidelines for COVID-19 to keep you safe. But if you want to do everything from home, we bring the benefits of Buy Here Pay Here to you.

You can browse vehicles, make a selection, obtain a loan, and drive your new car without ever leaving your front door. We'll even deliver your vehicle of choice to your front door, along with any paperwork that you need to sign.

The sooner you contact us, then the sooner you can take advantage of Buy Here, Pay Here.