?Steve McLaughlin of Ashland. Just wanted to take a moment to really highlight one of our most popular items. It is a Jeep Renegade, that stands true honestly for both new and a pre-owned. These vehicles just great price point. A lot of features for the value, just a great vehicle in general. This one in particular is actually two-wheel drive. You get that lower stance that you can see. It is certified as well. It's a 2016 Latitude. With the certification warranty that's on it, it has a seven year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty and an extra 3000 miles or three months on the bumper to bumper warranty, which is fantastic.
Only 21,300 miles on this one. Jump in the inside. It does have dual climate control and as you can see it does have a backup camera as well. Excellent gas mileage. Let me unlock this real quick. Plenty of room in the back, as well as charging down here. Keep all your devices charged up if you have kids or you carry around a lot of technology with you. Now we have in the back right here. Plenty of room in the back, cup holder can lay down. A special feature on this one as well, is the roof can actually be completely removed. I'll show you right now.
It's done in two stages. So you've got the sunroof and then you can actually unlatch both that one and this one right here, you can take them completely off and go roofless. Guys if you're interested in a Renegade or any of our vehicles, we're also running specials on our new Renegades, 0% financing on 84 months, which is absolutely ridiculous. Payments possibly below $400 if you qualify for that. So just some great stuff on a brand new vehicle. So the estimate on this one right here as well is only 296, it's just 169. Like I said, they're at a great price point and you get a lot of value for that price point. It's really hard to compete with a Renegade. 
But yeah, guys if you're interested, give me a call. (606) 369-6503. Thank you.
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