Hey, this is Ryan at Glockner of Ashland, Kentucky. Want to go through a new vehicle I've got on my new car lot. It is a 2020 Grand Cherokee. That's an Overland package. It's a higher trim. This particular one is packaged with the 5.7 Hemi. It'll tow 6,200 pounds. Look at those wheels. Those are new on the 2020 model. Extremely nice color.
Inside you'll notice you do have a big 8.4-inch screen navigation. Does have the air rise, so this is a raise and lower. Makes it easy to get in and out. And you do have your heated, air-conditioned seats in your second row. [inaudible 00:00:39] does it recline. Got heated seats back here as well.
You notice you've got the remote start. Like I said, tow package back there and power trunk. I'll leave a link to the vehicle in the description. If you have any additional questions, just message me or give me a call.
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