?Hey guys, Kenny with Glockner of Ashland again. I've been posting recent trade-ins that are very nice that we get in, but I also want to take a moment today to send a video or a Texas show video of one of the nicest trucks I think that we've got on the lot. It's a new Ram 2,500. We just got it in. So, give me just a few minutes of your time and I'll be more than happy to walk around where you guys.
This is the Ram 2,500. It does have the blackout kit. Everything on this truck is completely black, just about. You have your black grill, your black rims, black badging, running boards are completely black. This one does have the sport appearance group, as well as the four by four off road group, which you can see on the back of the bed. Moving around to the back, you do get your backup camera. All the badging is black on this one. You have your four pin and eight pin connector. Also, you have your backup sensors.
Moving on around, I want to go a little bit wider so you guys can see how beautiful this truck is. Blind spot monitoring. If you want you to just come here and simply just flip them up. It does have the 6.7 turbo diesel... I'm sorry, the Cummings turbo diesel keyless entry and go. This is the Laramie so it does come with the Harman Kardon stereo system speakers on it, memory seats, power locks, power windows, of course, and it also has your power folding tow mirrors.
Bluetooth for voice recognition. All your four wheel drive is simply push button, makes it very simple. 8.4 inch touchscreen, heated and cooled seats, navigation, your exhaust brake, your tow haul, and then you can actually turn off your front and back sensors. They did start putting the CD players back into the trucks.
This truck is absolutely amazing. If you know anybody that's in the market, please feel free to give him my telephone number. (606) 744-3559. There's a whole lot more to this truck, guys. I could go on for 20 minutes of everything that this truck has. If you know anybody in the market, feel free to give him my cell phone number, (606) 744-3559. Thanks so much.
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