The Glockner family is widely known in the tri-state for its family of dealerships.
Although we wear that title proudly, there's so much more to say about our families legacy, impact, and community involvement. 
With this new quarterly newsletter we’ll be sharing the exciting new developments in our family business that have been 170+ years in the making.

A Great American Love Story

In 1847, The Glockner family immigrated from Germany to America with the clothes on their backs and a passion for starting a family business.
They overcame many incredible setbacks, including major floods, world wars, and economic collapse, and are still family owned and operated 174 years later.

The project has been a labor of love to share our family's inspiring story with the world and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs trying to “make it” in a small town like ours.
You’ll be introduced to many amazing stories told first hand by Ebb Glockner himself in the “Archives” section, and meet many of our amazing ancestors.  

This is our Great American Love Story.

SSU Graduate With A Bright Future at Glockner 

There aren’t many local college graduates who made 80k a year (on commission) their first year out of college, but Gage Oberling claims that his early success comes from hard work and keeping his mind open!

Gage graduated with a degree in sports management with a minor in business. His grandfather started Oberling Motor Company, and after 84 years in business, closed the business the same year Gage was due to graduate from Shawnee State University.

The Glockner’s were both competitors and family friends with the Oberling’s, and upon graduating, Gage decided to carry on his family's legacy by joining the sales team at Glockner of Ashland.

In this interview, Gage provides a unique perspective about the automotive industry & dispels some myths a lot of graduates have about car sales.

The Show Must Go On! Portsmouth Little Theatre Donation

The Portsmouth Little Theatre has been at the heart of Portsmouth’s creative culture since it was born in 1948. Much of the facility has remained original for 70+ years, and it’s been in desperate need of a renovation to meet the coming demand of the 2021 summer shows.

The Glockner Families’ recent donation of $10,000 will help make much needed renovations to this historic building.
Walls will get refinished , peeling wall paper will be replaced with new crown molding, & complemented by new up-lighting on the walls. It will be renamed “The Barbara Glockner House” in her honor. 

Portsmouth Little Theatre will be showing off their renovation progress in June when they open the doors for their upcoming production: “Almost, Maine.” Written by John Cariani, and Directed by our very own Joseph Pratt.
Watch the Official Announcement HERE

Pure Cycle & Glockner’s Initiative to Perpetuate Prosperity to Future Generations

The Glockner family started by selling hardware and horse drawing buggies on Market Square in Portsmouth, Ohio.
Among the most unfathomable of accomplishments 170 years later, has been their involvement in solving the world's plastics problem.

7 years ago it was Andy Glockner’s passion to perpetuate prosperity to the generations after him that led to his investment in Pure Cycle. Pure Cycle being “ the first, and only, company to be able to successfully recycle the most widely used plastic in the world (Polypropylene).” 

The Glockner’s initial investment was crucial to this technology’s initial testing and success. What's even more special about this startup has been the commitment to creating jobs locally.

In 2017 Pure Cycle opened their fully operational pilot plant in Ironton, Ohio to test this new technology, and have plans for a full-scale commercial plant launching next door, expected to be completed in 2022.

We’re proud to take part in providing a sustainable future for our local community with economic opportunities and transformative change for the world at large.