Your car's engine relies on the oil in it to lubricate its components. In addition, this invaluable substance also helps reduce the heat and friction that are associated with the inner workings of such a complex machine. 

The Many Purposes of Your Engine Oil

Lubricating your vehicle's engine parts is just one of the many purposes that oil performs. When friction and heat in the engine are reduced, the amount of wear and tear that these important engine components are exposed to is also lessened. 

1. Reduces chemical reactions

Engine oil that is high in quality also helps ensure that the surfaces of the engine's parts are not exposed to chemical reactions. An unwanted chemical reaction can lead to corrosion. This, in turn, can make the parts lose their functionality while also leading to more engine emissions. 

2. Fewer Abrasions

While using the right type of high-quality engine oil is vital in preventing heat and friction, when the surfaces of different components come in contact with one another, some abrasion will naturally occur. As a result of this abrasion, particles from the components are released. 

Another purpose of your engine oil is to act as a flushing agent to keep those particles away from the engine. The right kind of engine oil also contains elements that dissolve deposits and other impurities to protect the functionality of the engine. 

3. Cools the Engine

With friction and abrasion also comes heat. This heat, if it is left unchecked, can damage your vehicle's engine, leading to malfunctions and repair bills. Fortunately, today's motor oil is designed to absorb the heat that is the result of friction, so your engine is protected. 

What Are Some Symptoms That Your Motor Oil is Low?

Now that you know how versatile and vital your engine oil is for the health and performance of your vehicle, it's easier to understand how serious the consequences of low oil can be. Knowing the signs that your vehicle's engine oil might be low can make a difference in how it acts and how much you have to spend to fix it. 

1. You smell burning oil

Any kind of burning smell is not likely to be good when it comes to your vehicle. If you're driving, and you smell burning oil, it could be a sign that the oil is leaking. You might be smelling the oil as it drips on the hot engine components. 

When it is safe to do so, pull over and allow the vehicle to cool down. Then check your oil before proceeding. 

2. Your engine is overheating

You might be surprised to learn that if your vehicle is overheating, low oil could be the reason why. If you're like most people, you associate an overheating engine with a malfunction in the thermostat, the radiator, or one of the hoses involved in the coolant system. 

However, because the level of oil is not sufficient to lubricate the engine's components, the system could experience an increase in temperature. Left unaddressed, your engine could overheat. 

3. Your oil pressure light is on

If your vehicle's oil pressure light is illuminated in the dashboard, it's easy to determine that your oil level is low. That's because there's a sensor that monitors the oil fluid level and that connects to a light on the dashboard. 

4. You hear a clunking noise

Once your engine doesn't have enough oil to lubricate the various parts that make up the motor, you might hear some unusual sounds. Knocking, clunking, and/or grinding noises are always possible if the engine is running low on oil. 

Because knocking and clunking noises are often an indicator that the engine is failing, you must take it seriously. Without addressing the issue in a timely manner, your rods could break or your powertrain can break. 

The Glockner Family of Dealerships is proud to offer you repair and maintenance for all types of vehicles. If you're concerned that your vehicle might have a low oil level, contact them to schedule an appointment. 

Their expert mechanics offer superior service, high-quality parts, and the right motor oil for your vehicle. They take the time to explain the process to you so you can enjoy peak performance and longevity with your vehicle. 


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