Vehicles, both new and old, are equipped with many features and technologies that they need to run smoothly and properly. However, these features and technologies can vary widely across the many models that are available on the automotive market. When a light pops up on a gauge cluster, it can be tough to determine what the light may be indicating. However, every light on a vehicle has a meaning and many vehicles have the same gauge lights. There are a few symbols that you should know about on your vehicle.


Check Engine Light

One of the most familiar lights in a vehicle, and the light that you will need to pay some of the most significant attention to, is the check engine light. A check engine light is a yellow symbol that is in the shape of an engine. On most vehicles, the check engine light symbol is the same. Additionally, the check engine light has the same meaning on every vehicle; the vehicle is experiencing an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

You need to check your vehicle's engine as soon as possible if its check engine light comes on because the check engine light indicates a wide range of problems, from minor to potentially catastrophic. When determining what a check engine light is alerting, a scanner tool is used. The scanner tool scans the vehicle's computer for codes. Once the codes have been scanned and gathered, a driver can determine what problem their vehicle is having.


Engine Temperature Warning Light

The engine temperature warning light is shaped like a thermometer that is submerged in a wavy fluid. The light is usually red in color and is a warning that a vehicle's engine is overheating or that the engine's coolant level is too low. Adding coolant will often allow the light to turn off but you may need to investigate further to determine if there is a larger problem in your vehicle's engine.


High Beam Light

Your vehicle will display a light when its high beams are on. The high beam light looks like a headlight with three beams exiting the headlight in an outward direction. Because high beam lights can be potentially blinding for other drivers, this light is included to remind drivers that their high beams are on. If other drivers are approaching your vehicle while its high beams are on, turn the beams off so that the other drivers can properly see the directions in which they are headed.

Airbag Warning Light

The airbags in your vehicle are very important, as they will provide potentially life-saving help to you if you are ever in a collision. If the airbag system of your vehicle is having issues, then the airbag warning light will appear on your vehicle's dashboard. An airbag warning light is shaped like a driver with a seatbelt on and a round object in front of their face.


Battery Light

Your vehicle depends on its battery for a variety of things. Primarily, the battery provides power to the vehicle when it is being started. When an issue is detected with the charging system of your vehicle, the vehicle's battery light will illuminate on the dashboard. The battery light is shaped like a vehicle's battery.


Traction Control Light

The traction control light is shaped like a vehicle that has wavy lines behind its wheels. The traction control light of your vehicle can illuminate quickly under slippery conditions when traction may have been lost briefly by the vehicle. The traction control light of your vehicle will also be on if you decide to turn your vehicle's traction control system off. Traction control is very important for your vehicle and allows the vehicle to take control when the vehicle has lost traction.

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Your vehicle is very efficient at alerting you of any problems that it is having or things that you should pay attention to. If you are ever in a tough situation and are confused about what your vehicle is indicating through one of its dashboard lights, refer to the vehicle's owner's manual. In the manual, you will find explanations for all of the dashboard lights that your vehicle has. Visit us at Glockner Family of Dealerships if you would like us to help you understand what the symbols on your vehicle's dashboard are indicating. Our helpful team of staff members will be glad to help you and to provide the services that you need to drive safely.


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